About me


That's me, alright.

I am enormously proud of my pups.


Who I am


My name is Ákos Szabó and I own Vitabull Kennel & Service. I’m a small breeder of Miniature Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs and I have some nice pups every year.


I'm located in Hungary, the European Union and I ship my puppies upon request to anywhere in the world.


Feel free to call me on the phone or contact me via email with questions and feedback. Sign up to my free newsletter and I will let you know when something interesting is up.



That's me, too.

I enjoy being outdoors. Kitesurfing well reflects my attitude to all things in life: 'Be faster, get higher.' 


How I became a breeder


I've had a special bond to man's best friend since I was a boy. We used to own a Dachshund called Kormos (Sooty) and she gave birth to a number of lovely puppies while I was in kindergarten. By the time I turned 12 I had read countless books on dogs. That was my initiation as a breeder.


While in high school and college I spent much of my free time training dogs, helping out a friend with his K9 police dogs. This period of my taught me lots about dog's behavior and psychology.


Shortly after completing college, I moved away from my parents' home and made my childhood dream come true by launching Vitabull Kennel and becoming a Miniature Bull Terrier and French Bulldog breeder in 2006.


Me and the woman I love.

Me and the woman I love, Andi. She's a great help and a big fan of dogs, too.


I love dogs!


Much of my life is about dogs. Apart from being a breeder, I my friends and fellow breeders find new homes for their own puppies and I have also started working on a new community site for dog owners and their pups.


I am enormously proud of the pups born in my kennel and usually take tons of photos. Drop me an email and I will send you some unposted photos of the puppies you like on my site best.


As I have dispatched many puppies to various parts of the world in the past years, I have considerable experience in shipping pups. I do guarantee that all dogs I dispatch will make it safely and sound to their new owner. If it doesn't happen (it never has)? I take full responsibility for it.

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